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In the skirmish at Piedmont Station, Arch apparently led the cavalry attack and a report of his aggressiveness apparently got to his father in Pittsburgh, probably in a letter from his brother, Captain Weston Rowand, Arch’s commander. 

      Piedmont Station was a key location on the Manassas Gap Railroad and a frequent site of skirmishes.


June 3, 1863.
Winchester – Piedmont Station Fight.
To Father.

                                                                                    June 3d/63

Dear Father

            I received your kind letter in due time I was sorry to hear that Mother had again taken sick.  I hope soon to receive a letter from her saying she is entirely well.  How is your Buffer doing now are you making anything on it.  Ace told me in his letter that Davis was very sick has he got well yet?  I hope to hear soon that you and him are making money.  When you make two or three million let me know as I want to borrow two thousand to go to Europe when the war is over.  You will pardon my seeming rashness in the fight at Piedmont Station as I did not look behind me to see if any more of the men were following us.  Our Company is out today.  All of “Co. K.” that was not captured last January are back with us they have not been furnished with arms yet but will be in the course of a few days.  Lieutenant Dawson was riding around on horseback today for the first time since rejoining the Company, he being sick since returning. 

            Uncle West has taken a notion to get sick.  I understand that he has got the Typhoid Fever.  I intend to go up to see him in the morning.

            I received a letter from a friend in Wheeling today telling me that “my Mollie” was to be married in two or three weeks and to a preacher at that “bully for Mollie.”

            Can you tell me what has become of Nancy Reed as I have not heard from her for four weeks.  Mrs. Long has been kind enough not to answer my letter.

            From indications here I should say that there is to be a move in a few days in this place which I do not pretend to know if Hooker soon do something there will be a force sent to take this place.  Let them come with twenty thousand if they want to get licked.  My love to Mrs. Callow and the family.

                                                            Your affectionate son
                                                            Archie H. Rowand

P.S. Please send me some postage envelopes.  

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